Immigration Programs

The Canadian government is in search of entrepreneurs, investors and business managers who want to migrate to Canada in search of new opportunities. You’ll find different forms of fast-tracked Business Immigration options for interested immigrants.

  • Quebec Business Immigration Programs

    Quebec offers an array of Investor, Self-Employed and Entrepreneur Immigration Programs for business immigrants. These programs are designed to boost economic growth while creating an environment for job opportunities within the province. Quebec has some unique business immigration programs targeted at potential newcomers in search of entrepreneurial diversity.

  • Provincial Nominee Business Programs

    Every territory and province has its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), where candidates with managerial and entrepreneurial experience are given streams. Each of the PNP streams has its own application procedure and eligibility criteria; however, all the successful candidates will be given provincial nomination. Applicants with provincial nomination may submit their application for permanent residency.

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Investor Programs

With the right experience, skills and personal net worth, you may be eligible for one of the immigrant investor programs that grants applicants fast-tracked investor visas for contributing to the development of the Canadian economy.

  • Federal Investor Program

    With the Federal Investment Immigrant Program, eligible immigrant investors can acquire their Canadian Permanent Residence Status by making a guaranteed $800,000 CAD five-year investment of their funds through an authorized agent.

  • Federal Venture Capital Program

    If you own or manage a business and your personal net worth is more than $10 million, you’ll probably meet the criteria for the Federal Venture Capital Pilot Program. To secure their investor visa i.e. Permanent Residency, eligible applicants must make a $2 million non-guaranteed investment for at least 15 years.

  • Quebec Investor Program

    The Quebec Investor Visa is perfect for immigrant investors who’re interested in settling in the Quebec province. The province is in need of applicants with a minimum of $1.6 million net worth and some managerial experience in the commercial, industrial, legal farming or professional industries. All eligible investors are mandated to make a five-year $800,000 guaranteed investment.

  • Investors Provincial Nominee Programs

    There are certain provinces in Canada that offer immigration opportunities with investor visas where applicants apply under the Provincial Nominee Program through their own investor stream. Every province has its own eligibility requirements and rules based on its economy, the opportunities available and market gaps.

    If there’s a particular province you’re interested in living and investing in, you could apply to be nominated through the province’ immigration program and commence your journey towards securing your Canadian investment immigration visa.

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Entrepreneur Programs

Canada has some amazing entrepreneur programs that can help take your business to the next level, even as you collaborate to boost their economy and create more job opportunities for both citizens and permanent residents alike.

  • Federal Startup Visa

    Approved private sector organizations in Canada can provide the necessary funding and expertise to help business entrepreneurs grow their companies, and they’ll be given Startup Visas as reward for contributing to the economy and creating job opportunities for both residents and citizens alike.

    Under this program, applicants do not have to invest their own capital before they can meet the eligibility requirements unlike what is obtainable in the Federal Entrepreneur program or the Immigrant Investor programs. Rather, they are required to receive angel investment or minimum venture capital from designated organizations.

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  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program

    Experienced businessmen or managers with advanced French knowledge may be eligible for the Business Entrepreneur Visa if they can create or acquire a minimum of 25% equity of any approved Quebec business with proof of employing at least one Quebec resident.

    Successful candidates must have at least $300,000 as net worth and a minimum of two years’ experience in business management in the preceding five years before their application for immigration to Quebec.

  • Federal Entrepreneur Program

    Eligible applicants along with their immediate family members will be granted the Canadian residence if the applicant can manag, establish or acquire at least 33.33% equity in an eligible Canadian business that can create at least one new job in the economy.

  • Entrepreneur Provincial Nominee Programs

    Some provinces are allowed to nominate their applicants through their entrepreneur stream in the Provincial Nominee Program.

    If you indicate interest in managing and settling a business in any province, and meet the province’s eligibility requirements, they may decide to nominate you for Permanent Resident.

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Self Employed Programs

If you’re a professional athlete, artisan or farmer, and you’d like to settle in any of the territories or provinces in Canada, you may be eligible for a business immigrant visa which covers you and your immediate family.

  • Federal Self Employed Program

    The Federal Self-Employed Persons Programs assess the application of business immigrants with a point-based grading system. The applicants are also required to have two years’ work experience in their chosen field to prove they can flourish as self-employed persons in all the Canadian provinces except Quebec.

    The Federal Self-Employed Program Selection Criteria

    Compared to other business immigration streams, where applicants are mandated to invest a particular sum of money into government or a company, or acquire some funding from private organizations, the eligible applicants under this program are only mandated to provide proof of industry experience and evidence indicating that they are successfully self-employed.

    Requirements for the Federal Self-Employed Program

    The applicant must have a minimum of two years’ experience in his/her profession in the preceding five years to their application for business immigration.

    • Applicants that are into arts and culture and professional athletes must provide proof of:
    • Being gainfully self-employed for two years in their industry, or
    • Participating at world-class level in their domain for two years, or
    • At least one year of all the above.

    Any self-employed person that wishes to operate and own a farm must have two years farm management experience in the five years preceding their application.

    The Federal Self-Employed Program’ Selection Criteria

    After meeting all the experience requirements, the applicants will be graded through a point system to assess their eligibility for the Self-Employed Visa.

    • Applicants can score up to 100 points; 25 points for education, 35 for experience, 10 for age, 24 for language proficiency and 6 for adaptability. Successful candidates more score a minimum of 35 points, which is subject to change.
    • Candidates are selected according to their scores in each category, their accompanying documents and their ability to meet the Canadian standard of a self-employed person.
  • Quebec Self Employed Program

    Under the Quebec Self-Employed program which is similar to the one at the Federal level, applicants must prove that they can be successfully self-employed in their chosen industry. Applicants under this program are required to have a minimum of $100,000 as net worth, and be ready to live in Quebec.

    With the Quebec Self-Employed worker Program, a designated set of self-employed people can migrate to Quebec to create their own job. Before an applicant can qualify for this particular program, the applicant’s net assets must not be less than $100,000 CAD and they must provide proof of being self-employed in their chosen field for two years.

    The Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program can be described as an immigration pathway designed for newcomers who have experience in creating their own jobs. Successful applicants can migrate to Quebec to create jobs for themselves by practising their chosen profession or trade.

    Just like all the other Quebec immigration pathways, applicants under this program were allowed to apply for their certificat de sélection du Québec i.e. CSQ – Québec selection certificate. After receiving their CSQ, the applicants become automatically eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

    Requirements for the Quebec for Self Employed Program

    • Come to Quebec with the intention of creating their own job through a trade or profession of their choice.
    • Have a minimum of legally obtained $100,000 CAD as net assets, when applicable, a common-law partner or accompanying spouse.
    • Must have been self-employed in the trade or profession they intend to practise in Quebec for a minimum of two years.
    • Meet the minimum point requirement indicated in the Quebec Self-Employed Worker Points Assessment Grid.
    • Other factors like language proficiency and training background age, will also be considered.

    Quebec Self-Employed Worker Points Assessment Grid

    Candidates under the Quebec Self-Employed Worker program are required to have the maximum points required on the grid below. Note also that the Quebec province reserves the right to alter the points grid whenever they so desire.

    The applicants applying under the Federal Self-Employed Program can settle in any Canadian territory or province except Quebec since they have their own version of the self-employed immigration program.

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Federal Startup Visa

Canada is in search of innovative and talented entrepreneurs who are interested in growing a business in Canada to boost the Canadian economy and create lucrative job opportunities for residents.

  • Designated Federal Startup Visa Organizations

    To be considered eligible, you must provide proof (Letter of Support and Commitment Certificate) indicating that your business enjoys support from any of the designated organizations. These documents are important for your startup visa application, since they cover all the essential details of your arrangement with those designated organizations.

    Applicants under this program do not have to invest their own funds, unlike what is obtainable with provincial and federal investor programs. Eligible applicants must have secured at least $75,000 from any Canadian angel investor, or at least $200,000 from any government approved Canadian venture capital fund.

    Any applicant that is enrolled in a legitimate Canadian business incubator does not have to provide investment capital.

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