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When it comes to providing immigration and educational opportunities for international students, no country does it like Canada! Quite a number of foreign students have chosen to make Canada their study destination, with the number of international student enrolments surpassing 350,000 each year. When you consider what Canada offers in terms of education, it is not so difficult to see the attraction for international students. The quality of education in Canadian schools is exceptional, with very affordable tuition rates.

  • Designated Learning Institutions

    Before you can study in Canada as an international student, you must be a student of a designated learning institution (DLI). This is important as not every school in Canada is considered designated, which is why you need to consult our experienced DLI resource before you apply to any Canadian school.

  • Levels of Study

    To study in Canada, you must first understand the different levels of education. This way, you’ll be well-informed enough to choose the perfect study program for your needs. The Canadian educational system is quite complex, starting from elementary, to secondary and down to post-secondary education. You must acquaint yourself with the different levels of study to know the best one for you.

  • Acceptance Letter

    An acceptance letter is one of the major requirements for obtaining a study permit. An acceptance letter is a letter from your chosen educational institution stating that you have been accepted into their program. We can show you how to secure that acceptance letter!

Being an international student is one of the most practical first steps for people who intend to move to Canada permanently. TIS has a great team of professionals that will help you through the entire process, from choosing the perfect school, to helping you apply for your study permit; we’ll make sure you have a smooth experience!

TIS has a unique International Student Program that will provide the needed support for you on your journey to becoming a Canadian international student. We make sure all the students in our international student program are paired with top-ranked educational counsellors who are well trained in the Canadian immigration and higher education landscape. There are lots of possibilities and programs for international students in Canada which can make the application process quite confusing. Our educational counsellors will familiarize themselves with your needs, goals and dreams in a bid to find the best possible fit for you.

  • Getting a Study Permit

    The process of obtaining a study permit can be quite intimidating. It involves so many requirements, from getting an acceptance letter, to completing your government application and including all the necessary documents. We have the perfect resource to help those seeking to study in Canada. Find out more on how to obtain your study permits!

  • Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ)

    You’ll need to take some additional steps if you’re interested in studying in the Quebec province. When it comes to the Canadian immigration landscape, Quebec is quite unique as they have their own independent immigration guidelines. International students who are interested in studying in the Quebec province must obtain their Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ), which is a legal document that authorises the holder to study in that province.

  • Appeals and Refusals

    Sometimes study permit applications get refused. An application might be refused if it does not have all the required information or if the immigration officer does not think the applicant met all the requirements of the program. But a refusal of your study permit application does not have to be the end of your dreams of international study. Discover what you need to do in the wake of a refused application and whether or not the decision can be appealed.

A lot of international students frequent Canada because of the many educational opportunities they offer. Canadian schools are amongst the best in the world with a lot of research industries leading in the fields of engineering, healthcare, business, technology and lots more! Apart from the educational opportunities, Canada also happens to be a multicultural society as most of their institutions of learning actually celebrate cultural diversity! The Canadian student scene is one that offers a lot of insight and appreciation of other cultures.

Studying in Canada is also a great way for international students to attain their permanent residency!  Foreign students can qualify for a number of immigration options after their studies in Canada; some of those programs include provincial nominee programs, post-graduation work permits and fast-tracked permanent residency. If you’re really serious about migrating to Canada, you might want to consider being an international student because it comes with lots of immigration opportunities!

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International Student Program

If you’re interested in a permanent migration to Canada, you can achieve this by coming through any of their study programs as an international student. Toronto Immigration Services international Student Program will help you through the entire process and simplify everything.

We have a unique international program that will provide you with all the necessary support you need to become one of Canada’s international students while advising you on the best possible pathways for transforming your Canadian education into a Canadian permanent residence. When you consider all the available programs for international students in Canada, we understand how difficult it can get to find your perfect fit. This is why TIS through your Educational Counsellor will acquaint themselves with your goals, dreams and needs to help you find your perfect fit.

Our International Student Program comes under four stages to guarantee clarity while you monitor your application process as it progresses:

  • Pick a Program

    You get to work with your educational counsellor to find the perfect academic program for your career goals and interests. We’ll consider the cost, location, course schedule, and length before recommending a program for you.

  • Apply to a School

    We’ll help you prepare your application and submit it to the school as soon as you decide on the best educational program for you. Before applying for a study permit, you must have your acceptance letter from any of the designated learning institutions in Canada.

Did you know?

The document that authorizes international students to study in Canada is known as a study permit not a study visa. A visa refers to the document that allows a person to enter Canada while a permit makes it possible for you to participate in activities like studying or working.

  • Apply for your Study Permit

    Once you have your acceptance letter, it means you’re perfectly ready to apply for your study permit. For schools in Quebec however, you’re required to have your certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) if you want to apply for a study permit. You’ll need some assistance from your educational counsellor to prepare your immigration application and submit it. And your spouse may also apply for open work permit if you’re married.

  • Know your Immigration Options

    An applicant with a complete Canadian educational credential is a prime candidate for their permanent residence. Since Canadian immigration programs are always changing, it is almost impossible to predict the best option for you. The Toronto Immigration Service team are on hand to advise you on your best options for pursuing your permanent residence, as soon as you complete your program of study.

  • Toronto Immigration Service has some great international programs that’ll offer ongoing support throughout the process of application. Why not subscribe for these programs to maximize our immigration knowledge and enjoy a lasting relationship with this amazing team?

    If you want to become a Canadian international student you can fill out our free online assessment and get started. We’ll reach out to you to discuss our findings after it is reviewed by our experts.

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    I found Toronto Immigration services from Google….. They gave me excellent service… They explained me every thing and helped at every step of the way …. I love the service , Highly recommend Toronto Immigration services.
    Phenomenal team of lawyers . Diligence , patience & knowledge is their key strength. They treat every case unique and work with you to make it a success. Always ready to help & listen to your situations . The hand hold you in each & every step!!
    Toronto Immigration Services

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    Phenomenal team of lawyers . Diligence , patience & knowledge is their key strength. They treat every case unique and work with you to make it a success. Always ready to help & listen to your situations . The hand hold you in each & every step!!
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