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What Is Canada Business Immigration?

Every one of you should have dreamed of having their own business because sometimes you get tired of your daily 9 to 5 job, now you want to do something different, something big, but this all feels like a dream, as it is hard to start a new business. But this dream can come true with Canada’s business immigration program under which the Canadian government selects those immigrants who have stable wealth and could give a productive increase in the growth of the Canadian economy.The immigrants who come under this program are called business class immigrants. The Canadian government divides the business class immigrants into two categories:

  1. Start-up Visa Immigrants.
  2. Self-employed Immigrants.

Start-up Visa Immigrants: These are those immigrants who come to Canada for starting a new business and have proper wealth for opening it. You can enter as start-up immigrants with the help of the Canadian government’s start-up visa program. The eligibility for applying in this program are:

  1. The immigrant should have certified business.
  2. Since it will take longer to make a profit from your business, so in this case, you should have enough money to stay in Canada before gaining money from the business.
  3. The immigrant should have a symbol of trust support from deputed Canadian organization.
  4. Either the English or French should be good as speaking language.

Self-employed Immigrants: This program provides individuals to start a business in Canada of their own in their experienced field, after this, they eventually get a permanent residency in Canada. The businesses which are still acceptable in this program are- 

  • Librarians, archivists, conservators & curators
  • Writing, translating and related communications professionals 
  • Creative and performing artists 
  • Technical occupations in libraries, public archives, museums, and art galleries
  • Photographers, graphic arts technicians and technical and co-ordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, and the performing arts
  • Announcers and other performers
  • Creative designers and craftspersons 
  • Athletes, coaches, referees, and related occupations

The eligibility for becoming a self-employed immigrant is:

  1. The immigrant should take part in cultural activities or athletics at a worldwide extent 
  2. The substitute for the above requirement can be that the immigrant been a self-employed individual in a cultural or athletics activity.
  3. The immigrant should meet the programs’ requirement.
  4. Medical conditions of the immigrant also considered in this program.


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